Weekly Blog Posts!

After having completed my first year in the Master of Science Program in Kinesiology at Cal State, Fullerton, I feel it is best to take my adviser's advice, and write a little every day. I hope to share my ideas and thoughts on various aspects of being a grad student, and the various opportunities that arise. 


One thing I am learning is that funding for grad studies is a lot easier than expected. I recently, applied to FASFA in order to take out a loan to subsidize my finances, and to my great surprise the university gave a grant that will cover tuition for this entire coming year! I was more than a little surprised (wish I would have applied for my first year of grad school also...). This year I was also awarded the Beverly and Arnold Miller Scholarship in Gerontology, which will more than cover books and other educational finances this school year.

I have to thank my girlfriend, Evelyn, for pushing me to apply for FASFA despite my "certainty" that I would only get a loan, and thanks to Professor Rose, for suggesting I apply for the scholarship.

I have learned there is a lot of money hiding that will gladly make itself available if you know under which rock to look. In pursuit of my dream of becoming a professor, I look forward to honing my skills in finding funding!

IAPS Conference in Cardiff, Wales

Since last December, I have been adamantly working on a sport philosophy paper defining the concept of "play." See my original essay here!  The conference is hosted by the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport at the Cardiff Metropolitan University in Cardiff, Wales, UK, and takes place September 2-5. 


Yesterday, I finalized my flight tickets, National Express Bus ride from London to Cardiff, and accommodation at the university dorms. It is pretty exciting, and I cannot wait to explore the city. It is the primary filming place for "Sherlock" and "Dr. Who," and the Cardiff Castle is supposed to be awesome! I will blog frequently here once I am on the trip. Stay posted!